Facilities Of DIET, Hailakandi

Built up  Area Of Land (in sq. feet) :                                          8683
Administrative cum Academic building (in sq. feet):            5560
Hostel Building (Assam Type) (in sq feet):                              Nil
Canteen (Assam Type) (in sq. feet):                                         200
Parking Shed (in sq. feet):                                                        500

Following infrastructure facilities are available: 

i) Classrooms 4 Nos.
ii) Multipurpose Hall 1 No.
iii) Principals Room 1 No.
iv) Faculty Room 1 No.
v) Library Room 1 No.
vi) Computer Room (ICT) 1 No.
vii)  Boys Common room Nil
viii) Girls common  Room Nil
Ix) Science Lab 1 No.
X) Staff  Room 2 Nos.