The District Institute of Education and Training, Hailakandi was established in the year 2014 near Hailakandi Fire Station, which is about 3 (Three) km. away from the main town. It plays a vital and meaningful role in the District Education system by imparting Education for continuous teacher professional development, School support and improvement. Under this background, in compliance to the quality strive of the District. DIET, Hailakandi has prepared a perspective plan 2012-17 on the basis of its vision. This Annual Work Plan and budget 2012-13 has been prepared with consultation and discussion process on basis of the perspective plan with focus for the 2012-13. Under these background, need of giving a fresh look in the matter of its vision and roles urgently felt to contribute in the quality strive of the state. Accordingly, it has been viewed that DIET, Hailakandi must be well equipped with a Perspective Plan (5 years plan) providing the vision of the DIET, its focus areas and the roadmap for the next 5 years, so as to facilitate its effective functioning as per the vision set and the formulation of its Annual work plan & Budget with focus for the year. The Perspective Plan would be revised every year based on the performance and the happenings in the district. However, envisioning its role, function and identity, there has come up the obvious need of its restructuring and reorganization for implementation of essential Key activities and Programmes. DIET, Hailakandi has proposed to focus its overall institutional vision, design, expectations and functions highlighting its relationship to other institutions. The institutional focus areas for DIET, Hailakandi are proposed to have (a) 2-yr D. El. Ed teacher education course to perspective elementary teachers (b) Continuous teacher professional development and training of untrained (Elementary & Secondary) teachers in the school system (c) 2-year B. Ed. Course for perspective secondary teacher (d) school improvement.